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Murdoch got the englishmen furious

The good thing is, Murdoch is, whether he wants it or not, contributing to an open and free society.

Next time somebody tries phonehacking, they will be very careful …. if they ever dare!

The Echelon servants in England and US will soon understand that this business is not a good paying business … what a nice reaction and a relief the Murdochs newspaper News of the World delivered, but it wasnt cheap. Such an act will never be … the european way of freedom was from the very beginning of our history an expensive one. Bloody high costs, Murdoch would say, in his strong australian accent. The rich US business (CFR) don’t believe that. They will be very disappointed …

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The Netherlands takes responsibility

Dutch state found responsible, Financial Times:


The Dutch Warchronicle about Srebrenica:


It was a long lasting mystery for me.

I never got an answer why the netherland troops and their officers in Srebrenica in 1995 could passively just watch the massacre of appr. 8100 muslim men, youth and boys led by the serbian general Mladic and his serbien men, without beeing concidered responsible.


Now a court in the Netherlands has found that the Netherlands are responsible for at least the death of 3 men.


This is good news and a very important ruling and judgement. It means that the murderers and also the surroundings are responsible for acts when they only watch them …. like the NATO in Libya are responsible for murdering fathers and sons, women and daughters; all are victims. We should not forget the killings means that NATO are destroying the future of the families of the victims.

The right move is to take the responsibily. NATO should admit, we did it and we admit it. We stand up to it.

France, Great Britain, Denmark, Norway and the USA must secure the future of the remained familymembers of the murder of 15-20000 fathers, brothers and sons, the slaughter of women, sisters and daughters …



International Criminal Court issues arrest warrant for Col. Gaddafi

ICC issues arrest warrant for Gaddafi

New York Times:

Financial Times:

The International Criminal Court in The Hague said on Monday the 27th of June they would like to arrest Gadaffi for murder. ICC strives to be a crucial point for the developement of the judicial thinking and structural regulations world wide. Many with me hope they will succed. Decisions made taking Slobodan Milosevic, Radovan Karadzic and Ratko Mladic to court, were impressive. Its very promising. Also the cases North Korea, Ivory Coast, Al-Bashir (Sudan) and Charles Taylor (Liberia).

This time Luis Morena Ocampo didnt take his year time to prepare for a warrant and a trial. I hope he didnt do this because he wanted to smoke cuban cigars Humphrey Bogart style with some american generals and CIA leaders. He did an unusual fast job, this time … for some reason.

If the US pushed this, (it would indeed make their war against Libya a more legitime one, confirmes it is an european war, a sober NATO initiative), it was a real mistake of Sanji Mmasenono Monageng, the presiding ICC judge, to accept it. Perhaps did Cass Sunstein from the Obama Administration (Obama’s regulatory czar, head of Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs) call? Perhaps he didnt care that the ICC is in needs of a clean back, this time more than ever. If they really sold out, the ICC loose integrity. And a lot is depending on the developement of this court …

The trial was build on the charge of political murder. But my common sense tells me to ask you about all the political murders in Tunisia, Egypt, Jemen, Bahrain, Syria and Saudi Arabia? We know political murde was being done every day within those countries … thats so far a part of their political culture. But why are you not doing anything here, Luis Moreno Ocampo?

Did you forget the torture and deaths in Guantanamo?

If you react fast you might save Bradley Manning’s life, he is beeing tortured by the US militars in a base in Kansas …

All these facts makes your case against Gadaffi weak. Perhaps isnt it after all, whats really going on? Perhaps is something else happning beneath the official surface? And that is what the leader of the African Union and president of South Africa, Mr Jacob Zuma is thinking of when expressing his «extreme disappointment» …

I’m sorry, but it looks like International Criminal Court is an instrument for the US White House… !

But it might cost more than the US like to pay, Sueddeutsche Zeitung:

To US republicans and democrats

To the american republicans and democrats in the House of Representatives

I thank you all for your vote agains Obama’s war in Libya. As a norwegian citizen I dont believe in the language of guns and bombs. I think its time to withdraw all soldiers and weapons you have abroad and concentrate on your own huge social challenges, as we are working on ours. If the US withdraw, the NATO initiative disappears like dew in the morning sun …

New York Times 24th of June 2011 (quote): «The resolution to support the mission failed 295 to 123 , with 70 Democrats joining Republicans in a pointed show of defiance to Mr. Obama, who has said he does not need Congressional authorization for the Libyan operations».

If your bipartisan group of House members get through a (quote) «Pentagon appropriations bill next week, which would cut financing for intelligence and operational support in Libya as well, and end all activities by October», it would be just wonderful.

The fact is that Obama’s administration knew about this judcial challenge from the very beginning of their (CIA) initiative towards Libya. They acted officially very carefully.

I hope you congressmen dont let these «walk on stilts» impress you … vote against it. What the US have achieved for almost $1 Billion is economic pressure because of the missing oil deliverances (from Libya) to the world market …

Secretary of State Hilary Rodham Clinton might insist they are close to ousting Colonel Qadaffi, thats her statement only; he is still cool, playing chess somewhere in his undergrounds with some russian or chinese … and 15 – 20000 lives was taken so far (UN numbers). He is an intelligent and a wise guy, dont forget; he made his way to the trone in 69 without bloodshed…he means a lot to many African countries (through the African Union), because he supported instead of exploiting. Help him, forgive his faults, let him stay and continue his work and developement. It will be for the benefit of the US, also.

we didn’t like it, either …

We didn’t like it, either…The Pakistani didn’t like that the US assassinated Osama Bin Laden; 

Honestly, I have never liked it myself, either. To sneak around in the dark, like some cowboys with heavy loaded guns, is not exactly a sign of any higher culture or can be seen as something representative of a people talking about freedom. For when American politicians speak, they are the most trained rhetoricians. Ronald Reagan is perhaps the exception. When they speak with the words in the palm of their hands, they makes both colors, shapes and fireworks. But when reality knocks on the door, the US shoot first and ask questions later. They kill. And they are never ashamed of the most simple, egoistic and selfish motives … Their (well paid) officials are sitting in secure Pentagon and manages the flying drones equipped with missiles and bombs flying over Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, hunting for people they for some reason do not like … this is the real America and I am so sorry, because I love their John Coltrane, their Jimi Hendrix, their Samuel Langhorne Clemens, their Leonard Bernstein and many others; they really changed the world to the better … 

In addition, they talk as would they respect the truth, while in fact the lie is at closest to their hearts than anything else, they use planted information, they cheat and manipulate worse as the east germans did under the DDR communist era. They have for years just left chaos, death and misery behind them. 

We ordinary citizens of Europe can not have any confidence to the U.S. official claims. Even in the claim of Bin Laden’s dead. It is possible that he is alive and well, with a new identity in some american New Jersey on fix salary from the CIA.  He might have finished his job.  

The US need a lesson. Let us do as the Chinese, namely, stop investing in dollar… it would be a proper cure …

a brilliant article about the backgrounds of the US war on Libya



The speech of Robert Gates shows that the war in Libya is a US initiative

The war in Libya, north Africa, has taken 15000 lives already. The arabs are very family orientated which means every person is surrounded of at least 50 other family members or relatives. This means, in 3 months of war, about 750 000 people has unnecessarily lost someone they loved.

I very much welcome the lawsuit from 10 members of the US Congress against Obama and his administration.

The lawsuit was signed by Representatives Dennis Kucinich (D-OH), Walter Jones (R-NC), Howard Coble (R-NC), John Duncan (R-TN), Roscoe Bartlett (R-MD), John Conyers (D-MI) Ron Paul (R-TX), Michael Capuano (D-MA), Tim Johnson (R-IL) and Dan Burton (R-IN). I thank you of all my heart.

From the very beginning of the Libyen war, the US had the initiative and (probably) the motive. It was too obvious to the newspaper reading public that the US wanted to stay in the background. They let the newspapers get this information.

The NATO base in Cyprus (where the norwegians military jetplanes are stationed), is under US command. I dont know if this information could be of importance. My key to the understanding of the role of the US in this war is the speech of Robert Gates. If the war inititiative came from France or Great Brittain, their foreign ministers would stand up in NATO and ask for more support, but in spite of their need, they never did.

The situation on the battle fields was from the very beginning difficult. To get the war forward, they saw from the very beginning they would need, not only the rebels, but also soldiers and more weapons. But the europeans have had enough wars. The politicians didnt get the needed support from their public. So Germany simply said, no thanks. The rest of NATO (also US) struggled. NATO needed to do more. The foreign ministers of France and England (the closest allies of US in this war) would have asked for it in NATO. If they had done, the rest of Europe would have been very astonished, because we all felt this was a US war. The 10th of June 2011 the father showed up. This is the date of Robert Gates speech to the NATO countries. It was a yell and slamm speech. He predicted almost the end of NATO, because there was no will (he ment from the main european country, Germany) to support the (US) war in Libya. He showed himself as the boss and the man in charge. Thats why i think this war is another US war. I hope my point of view is useful.

The german foreign minister about the german participation, from the news der


Robert Gates to the NATO countries, in the norwegian newspaper, Aftenposten: