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When murder is a milestone

2. October 2011

The U.S. government is about to set a standard. They kill, unannounced. The judicial side of such an act was overlooked and neglected by the White House, CIA and the U.S. Air Force. It is to read that they have killed several times in attempts to find the man they believe is the suspect.

Obama: assassination in Yemen a milestone (in norwegain language):

We can expect that when a drone with its Hellfire missile hit,  they kill 10 to 20 people who might be nearby, but we forget that 70-150 gets seriously injured. U.S. has in its many attempts to find (socalled) suspects, killed perhaps 40 people and then injured severly 400.  Presumably the predator with hellfire rockets have depleted uranium in their warheads. This ammunition pollute the geography for many, many generations to come. All this on the basis of a suspicion.

Quote “Because he was on America’s death list, his father, who was a former minister in Yemen’s government wrote to a U.S. court, demanding that the United States exckude the son of the death list.”

What kind of regime are we about to get in the U.S.?

Why are the government of the US terrorizing the world with its weapon technology?

Norway also has oil. Im sure this kind of terror does not stop in Yemen, Somalia, Libya, Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan. We can certainly expect that they will also one day knocking on our doors and will hunt down the terrorists, massively, as they say.

While in reality is quite other hidden motive behind them.

Why do not we learn?

CIA has manipulated in the worst ways for almost 100 years. Anything that have the taste of a social policy, the fight with all means. They use illusions as an intrument to realize their true motives. Bin Laden’s significance has been created by them, a mediaillusion with use of planted videos. The alleged murder of his, is still an allegation.

Soon we will be punished for not wanting to believe the words of the US Governemnt or CIA. The accusation against the US-born Anwar al-Awlaki, we have only from the U.S. authorities, as they probably expect accusations from his family and perhaps from the Yemeni authorities. Otherwise they would not have said anything. This is the first time I see that the murder could be a milestone. Barack Obama does as his backers tells him. With a smile and a great-sounding rhetoric. In the case of political murder without trial, we can assume on that basis that the American government always is lying. I am sorry for that. It looks like they would just justify their murder to gain time. For what they need this time, I dont know, yet. While they carry out their misdeeds well-hidden under the table, the situation above the white tablecloth is a completely different one: Here they are polite, they smile openly as your best friends, as if they were well intentioned and only honest, sundayschool christians.

We know that the Americans kill when there is someone who like to tell things they do not like. Dont forget. This is not single individuals. This is a state, a financially strong state apparatus, instrumented for ambushes, assaults and murders (large weapons budgets), while the number who live on government food stamps in their own country is growing explosively (last count 46 million). Do not forget the brutal treatment of a guy like Bradley Manning. He is just kept straight up because of world opinion. I think this is just a beginning. Its going to get worse, if we dont stop it. We are the marked og the US. They need us.

Micah Zenko, a young CFR speaker who openly speaks for the US Government, a man with a paycheque in his pocket from the CIA, says its a great way to get rid of suspects:

This is not great at all. Actually it is a result of a very strange, immature and incomprehensible puberty mood, like a narrow minded cowboy mentality, but in the hands of a powerful state.

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