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The Netherlands takes responsibility

7. July 2011

Dutch state found responsible, Financial Times:


The Dutch Warchronicle about Srebrenica:


It was a long lasting mystery for me.

I never got an answer why the netherland troops and their officers in Srebrenica in 1995 could passively just watch the massacre of appr. 8100 muslim men, youth and boys led by the serbian general Mladic and his serbien men, without beeing concidered responsible.


Now a court in the Netherlands has found that the Netherlands are responsible for at least the death of 3 men.


This is good news and a very important ruling and judgement. It means that the murderers and also the surroundings are responsible for acts when they only watch them …. like the NATO in Libya are responsible for murdering fathers and sons, women and daughters; all are victims. We should not forget the killings means that NATO are destroying the future of the families of the victims.

The right move is to take the responsibily. NATO should admit, we did it and we admit it. We stand up to it.

France, Great Britain, Denmark, Norway and the USA must secure the future of the remained familymembers of the murder of 15-20000 fathers, brothers and sons, the slaughter of women, sisters and daughters …




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