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International Criminal Court issues arrest warrant for Col. Gaddafi

30. June 2011

ICC issues arrest warrant for Gaddafi

New York Times:

Financial Times:

The International Criminal Court in The Hague said on Monday the 27th of June they would like to arrest Gadaffi for murder. ICC strives to be a crucial point for the developement of the judicial thinking and structural regulations world wide. Many with me hope they will succed. Decisions made taking Slobodan Milosevic, Radovan Karadzic and Ratko Mladic to court, were impressive. Its very promising. Also the cases North Korea, Ivory Coast, Al-Bashir (Sudan) and Charles Taylor (Liberia).

This time Luis Morena Ocampo didnt take his year time to prepare for a warrant and a trial. I hope he didnt do this because he wanted to smoke cuban cigars Humphrey Bogart style with some american generals and CIA leaders. He did an unusual fast job, this time … for some reason.

If the US pushed this, (it would indeed make their war against Libya a more legitime one, confirmes it is an european war, a sober NATO initiative), it was a real mistake of Sanji Mmasenono Monageng, the presiding ICC judge, to accept it. Perhaps did Cass Sunstein from the Obama Administration (Obama’s regulatory czar, head of Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs) call? Perhaps he didnt care that the ICC is in needs of a clean back, this time more than ever. If they really sold out, the ICC loose integrity. And a lot is depending on the developement of this court …

The trial was build on the charge of political murder. But my common sense tells me to ask you about all the political murders in Tunisia, Egypt, Jemen, Bahrain, Syria and Saudi Arabia? We know political murde was being done every day within those countries … thats so far a part of their political culture. But why are you not doing anything here, Luis Moreno Ocampo?

Did you forget the torture and deaths in Guantanamo?

If you react fast you might save Bradley Manning’s life, he is beeing tortured by the US militars in a base in Kansas …

All these facts makes your case against Gadaffi weak. Perhaps isnt it after all, whats really going on? Perhaps is something else happning beneath the official surface? And that is what the leader of the African Union and president of South Africa, Mr Jacob Zuma is thinking of when expressing his «extreme disappointment» …

I’m sorry, but it looks like International Criminal Court is an instrument for the US White House… !

But it might cost more than the US like to pay, Sueddeutsche Zeitung:

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