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To US republicans and democrats

25. June 2011

To the american republicans and democrats in the House of Representatives

I thank you all for your vote agains Obama’s war in Libya. As a norwegian citizen I dont believe in the language of guns and bombs. I think its time to withdraw all soldiers and weapons you have abroad and concentrate on your own huge social challenges, as we are working on ours. If the US withdraw, the NATO initiative disappears like dew in the morning sun …

New York Times 24th of June 2011 (quote): «The resolution to support the mission failed 295 to 123 , with 70 Democrats joining Republicans in a pointed show of defiance to Mr. Obama, who has said he does not need Congressional authorization for the Libyan operations».

If your bipartisan group of House members get through a (quote) «Pentagon appropriations bill next week, which would cut financing for intelligence and operational support in Libya as well, and end all activities by October», it would be just wonderful.

The fact is that Obama’s administration knew about this judcial challenge from the very beginning of their (CIA) initiative towards Libya. They acted officially very carefully.

I hope you congressmen dont let these «walk on stilts» impress you … vote against it. What the US have achieved for almost $1 Billion is economic pressure because of the missing oil deliverances (from Libya) to the world market …

Secretary of State Hilary Rodham Clinton might insist they are close to ousting Colonel Qadaffi, thats her statement only; he is still cool, playing chess somewhere in his undergrounds with some russian or chinese … and 15 – 20000 lives was taken so far (UN numbers). He is an intelligent and a wise guy, dont forget; he made his way to the trone in 69 without bloodshed…he means a lot to many African countries (through the African Union), because he supported instead of exploiting. Help him, forgive his faults, let him stay and continue his work and developement. It will be for the benefit of the US, also.

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