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we didn’t like it, either …

22. June 2011

We didn’t like it, either…The Pakistani didn’t like that the US assassinated Osama Bin Laden; 

Honestly, I have never liked it myself, either. To sneak around in the dark, like some cowboys with heavy loaded guns, is not exactly a sign of any higher culture or can be seen as something representative of a people talking about freedom. For when American politicians speak, they are the most trained rhetoricians. Ronald Reagan is perhaps the exception. When they speak with the words in the palm of their hands, they makes both colors, shapes and fireworks. But when reality knocks on the door, the US shoot first and ask questions later. They kill. And they are never ashamed of the most simple, egoistic and selfish motives … Their (well paid) officials are sitting in secure Pentagon and manages the flying drones equipped with missiles and bombs flying over Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, hunting for people they for some reason do not like … this is the real America and I am so sorry, because I love their John Coltrane, their Jimi Hendrix, their Samuel Langhorne Clemens, their Leonard Bernstein and many others; they really changed the world to the better … 

In addition, they talk as would they respect the truth, while in fact the lie is at closest to their hearts than anything else, they use planted information, they cheat and manipulate worse as the east germans did under the DDR communist era. They have for years just left chaos, death and misery behind them. 

We ordinary citizens of Europe can not have any confidence to the U.S. official claims. Even in the claim of Bin Laden’s dead. It is possible that he is alive and well, with a new identity in some american New Jersey on fix salary from the CIA.  He might have finished his job.  

The US need a lesson. Let us do as the Chinese, namely, stop investing in dollar… it would be a proper cure …

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